Screening utility locate One Call tickets is the fast, easy and safe way to effectively reduce damage prevention costs. Determine whether a conflict exists with facility lines before Locators spend the time and money driving to every dig site.

TransLore Screen works by comparing the One Call dig ticket coordinates with digital GIS facility maps. An automated recommendation of 'Conflict' or 'No Conflict' is made based on proximity to facility lines.

Facility lines are often buffered just to be safe when running automatically, to account for tickets not at an exact address.

Screening is fully automated, performed ticket-by-ticket visually, or a combination of both methods. TransLore Screen uses your existing facility line maps and puts you in control of facility line updates.

Date, time, user name and pre-screen results are stored with each dig ticket. Searches and other archival ticket information can be recalled quickly whenever necessary.

Save time, money and frustration using TransLore Screen with your One Call dig requests.