Preventative Mitigative Measures

Regulations bring additional management "opportunities" to facility owners. Specifically, aggregating CFR 149 data into a single TransLore database helps meet the exhaustive requirements surrounding High Consequence Areas and incident reporting. Make the audit process easier and faster, and far less distressing. Transition from simply meeting requirements to a proactive tool.

HCA Reporting

The High Consequence Area regulations suggest that you record maintenance, surveys and inspection, and do so in a single repository. t also makes sense to consolidate related and required data into one physical location.

TransLore Locate not only manages your utility locate ticket data, digging and excavator work, but also records required HCA information. A simple interface speeds the information gathering process and enhances accuracy.

All data collected is date, time and employee stamped ensuring accountability and completeness. We can safely host your TransLore off-site for less impact on your staff, while maintaining data security.

Integrity Management

TransLore Locate minimizes time and costs associated with incident investigation and reporting, re-dig research and investigation, as well as remedial costs.