Advanced Damage Protection Technology (ADP)

Today, damage prevention at the utilty level is much more than just managing utility locates from state One Call Centers.

TransLore Advanced Damage Prevention suite puts you in control of planned excavations - often where 50% or more of facility damages occur.

TransLore ADP sends automatic alerts to everyone involved with damage prevention for each high profile conflict dig site. And within mere minutes of the arrival of the original One Call ticket.

Imagine the impression made when contract locators, excavators and internal DP staff receive alerts for specific locate requests before digging occurs. Leave no doubt that damage prevention is your utmost priority. Your advanced warning demonstrates your commitment to lower damages and better customer service.

Even when facilities are marked by contract locators, TransLore receives locate tickets directly from the One Call Center first and then automatically distributes them to the appropriate vendor(s). When tickets are marked in the field, TransLore receives that information and tickets are completed in your TransLore system as well. Real time data leads to better decisions.

Quickly overview every ticket in the field. Know the current status of each ticket and that all parties are aware of dig tickets within close proximity to high profile facility lines. Area managers see just their geographic assignments, making supervision far faster and easier. No guesswork or assumptions leading to errors, work is performed using real time facts. Management tools provide you with a concise overview of "what needs to be done right now".

Just like TransLore Locate, the TransLore ADP suite runs according to customer specifications. Notify only those damage prevention specialists who need to know and then with a precisely targeted alert.