Industries We Cover

  • Natural Gas
  • Petroleum
  • Electric
  • Water / Sewer
  • Telecommunications
  • Municipalities
  • Contract Locators

The size of your utility or number of customers served does not change the imperative of damage prevention.

To ensure service delivery to customers, all sizes of facility owners use TransLore to prevent damage to underground facility lines. TransLore is a proven, automated solution for reducing damages - immediately and in the future. TransLore offers customized real time tools for managing buried facility damage prevention proactively.

Using your Geographic Information System (GIS) facility data, you can compare the facility location with the geo-coded locate tickets. Once you know which facility lines are in conflict, then you can take a number of automated steps to mitigate the potential for damage.

Beyond damages, TransLore also provides complete measurement and audit capability. From the One Call Center to contract locators to excavators, TransLore automates auditing, providing actionable management information.

Stay Connected

TransLore runs on your office computer or laptop as well as many mobile field devices with a web browser such as tablets and smartphones. Locators send and receive locate tickets while field supervisors view the current status in real time.

Keep Informed

We provide you with the information needed to demonstrate value, justify effort and meet regulations and guidelines. And it can save you money, maintain service delivery to customers and streamline the entire damage prevention process.

Be Equipped

Most importantly, each TransLore system is highly configured to deliver exactly the capability you need to solve your specific challenges.

See how our solutions for busy Damage Prevention professionals make your job easier.

We Manage

  • Real-Time Internal and External Locating
  • Contractor Audits
  • One Call Center Audits
  • Screening Locate Tickets
  • Locate Ticket Revision Audits
  • On Time Reporting
  • Monitor Past Due Locate Tickets
  • Facility Damage Claims

We Assist

In order to facilitate accurate and timely decision making, TransLore provides all of the necessary tools to:

  • Manage People
  • Manage Resources
  • Meet Internal and External Requirements